• IMG_8405

    1972 VW Camper

    New project! Ignore the outside, I will fix that. The inside is near perfect! Just out of storage.  

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  • IMG_8399

    Mustang Convertible

    Nice Mustang Convertible. It's coming along nice..  

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  • IMG_5166

    Beautiful Corvette Restomod

    Beautiful Light Blue / White Corvette

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  • IMG_5968

    1984 Rare Mustang Drag Car

    1984 Rare Mustang Drag Car - Fox body, build, paint, roll cage...

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  • 1966 Chevelle SS

    1966 Chevelle SS

    1966 Chevelle SS Great car!  

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  • 1976 Jeep (AMC) J10 Restoration

    1976 Jeep (AMC) J10 Restoration

    What a cool truck. This was a big job but we knocked it out in 8 weeks...

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  • 1970 Chevelle

    1970 Chevelle

    1970 Chevelle - Color change and restoration. Almost done!

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  • 1967 Chevelle SS

    1967 Chevelle SS

    Stunning car. Removed vinyl roof and went all red...      

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