Services & Specialties

Auto Body & Paint
Our Auto Body shop, located in Butler NJ, is a full service auto body serving customers from all over North Jersey.  We repair and paint modern automobiles, as well as antiques and classics, with any kind of body damage you can throw at us.  We match and blend paint to match your factory paint job so no one will even know what happened!

Our Mechanic and engine shop, located in West Orange NJ, is a full service mechanic.  From radiator leaks and brake checks to full engine overhauls or engine swaps, this is the place to go.

We specialize in fabrication!  On many of the classic and antique builds we undergo, parts are just impossible to find, so we work with what we have and fabricate those rusted out body panels back into something beautiful.  We also repair extensive frame damage!

Along with fabrication, comes our specialty in customization.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen!  Metal and fiberglass fabrication is almost limitless at our shop.  We have experience in custom bumper and hood fabrication, spoilers, lighting, lowering kits, lift kits, body panels, venting, and just about anything else…

Full & Partial Restorations
Full Restores of classic and antique autos is our favorite and #1 specialty!  We do complete frame-off restorations, top to bottom modern safety features, engine rebuilds or swaps, fabrication, body work, paint, and more.  Most of our restorations are even done in unheard-of record-time!  Whether it be your dream car, daily driver, show car, or a quick flip you’ve come to the right place.  Maybe it’s about time that old rust bucket in your backyard got some love and attention.

Performance Auto Restoration
Our extensive racing background allows us to specialize in Performance Auto Restoration.  We known how powerful racing machines work inside and out and can help to upgrade, rebuild, repair, restore, or modify your performance auto.

Dodge/SRT Viper Specialist
Our owner, Chris Barone, is a well-known member of the Dodge/SRT Viper racing circuit.  Along with owning and maintaining a countless number of his own Vipers, our shop also specializes in repair and maintenance of these incredible vehicles.  An art which is hard to come by these days.

Performance Auto Driving Instruction
Not only will we build, repair, or maintain your performance auto, we are more than happy to provide Performance Auto Driving Instruction!  Our owner, Chris Barone, is a well-known member of the Dodge/SRT Viper racing circuit.  With over 20 years of racing experience, Chris is still happy to jump in any vehicle and share his knowledge with a fellow enthusiast.